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SealCore Stainless Steel Industries Pvt Limited started out manufacturing Top Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks in 2005 in Sri Lanka.  Today the company has also expanded its product range to include Eco friendly (WPC) wood composite Doors,Door Frames, Doors Sash,Decking and Flooring, PVC Roofing Sheets etc.

The Sinks are made with top quality stainless steel sheets and coils imported from Europe & Asia. Currently SealCore Stainless Steel Industries manufacture 8 different designs ranging from single bowl to single bowl double drains.

The Doors, Door Frames, Doors Sash,Window Sash & frames, Decking and Flooring , PVC Roofing Sheets etc. are all manufactured with wood composite materials (WPC).  The wood composite materials are made with WASTE wood fibres from saw mills etc… blended with calcium carbonate and other compounds to make Eco friendly building materials.  The end products are water & moister resistant, termite resistant, and extremely strong yet economical



Mascons is one of the leading Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer and Exporter of Quality Building Materials in Sri Lanka, with over 1200 employees in the Group, was established in 1939. Our Group manufactures AC Roofing & Ceiling Sheets, Cement Floor Tiles, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Water Resistant Door & Door Frames, Fibre Glass Roofing Sheets, Barbed Wires, Wire Nails, Aluminium Ladders, Chain-Link Fences and Wheelbarrows. We import and stock over 1,000 varieties of Building Materials. We have over 200 Dealers Island wide in our distribution network.

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